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Octave Music


Octave Music Products Octave Music Products Rainsong Guitar Parlor Blue on Left SOLD! 190165864 Ludwig Legacy SOLD! 195721735 Rainsong Hybrid Guitar The Rainsong consists of Carbon and Glass Carbon combined absolutely now wood components at all 190165866 TC Electronic BG250 Bass Guitar Amp Features TubeDrive, Toneprint, built in tuner, aux in and headphone , One band equalizer 191178031 TC Electronic Bass Amp Sold 191178032 Paiste Cymbals 191178033 Paiste Cymbal 191178034 Prestige Guitar 191178035 Yamaha Stage Custom Drums 191178136 Flaxwood Rautia 191178138 Yamaha Oak Custom 191178139 Ludwig Drum SOLD 191178140 Dean Guitars Cherry Cadillac Sold 191178141 Flaxwood Hybrid 191178142 Eden Nemesis 191280203 Harmonica 191280204 2014 Yamaha Hybrid Series 191280205 Eden Bass Amp Custom SOLD 191280207 Crafter Bass 5 string Guitar 191280208 Mansfield 4 string bass guitar 191280209 Egnater Renegade Guitar Amplifier 191280210 2014 Yamaha Hybrid Drums SOLD 191280211 Breedlove Guitar Custom Electronics Built in to soundhole 191622561 Breedlove Guitar Cutaway with electronics builtin 191622562 Breedlove Dreadnaught Guitar 191622563 Ukeles 191622564 Luna Guitars 195106876 Luna DragonFly Guitar 195106877 Ludwig Drums Entry Level 195106878 Ludwig Drums ?uest Love Signature 195106879 New Paiste7 Cymbals 195106882 Dean Guitar Trans AM series 195203550 NEW! HandHammered Ludwig Snare 195350538 TC Electronic Flashback Delay 195203553 Paiste PST 7 new series 195945869 Egnater Renegade 197938074 New! Yamaha Acoustics 199555643 Dean Dimebag Signature Dimebolt Instock 199777081